"I can only praise the time I spent working together with Alexander Bogdanov while he was a Project Manager for VIVACOM in Studio X web agency. Alexander possesses great combination of skills such as responsibility, easy communication, great understating of every specific web problem and situation, knowledge about telecommunication services, open personality and of course super organizational skills. I appreciate how he helps us in every multi department web project in our telecom company and participates to reach the successful completion of the projects he is involved in. Alex has shown that he is able to work under stress to meet rigid deadlines in challenging times. I firmly believe that he has the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience to continue being a successful and irreplaceable professional in any team he is taking part of in the future."

Anna Pavlova
Digital Marketing Manager, VIVACOM

"Aleks has created impeccable service and superb execution. Consider this a brief version due to time constraints but our business is based in the U.S. New York City Metro area. A part of the US that consists of the most competitive web services in the world and my friends in Europe have set themselves above and beyond my personal experiences to a level of excellence that surpasses even the largest of agencies in even Manhattan. WOW - those are big shoes to fill but what can i say? Truth be told. 
Since Top Attributes can only be chosen 3 at a time. I wanted to add GREAT RESULTS, PERSONABLE, GOOD VALUE, ON TIME with the 3 others that I picked..... :) 
Thanks Aleks and the Studio X team for a great project that ultimately is one we can all be proud of once complete."

Jered Snyder
Project Manager, Home Dynamix


At age 21 I got my first job, later I will call it the best experience of my life. It was a job at hospitality industry, supervising workforce of twenty seven employees, solving problems for customers to ensure satisfaction, inventory, labor management. All I could think was - I can make money doing THIS! From that moment on, my love for workforce management grew, even before I knew what management was. 
Fast forward to 2010 after graduating from the Technical University, with a Bachelors in Computer Science: I found myself working at Hewlett-Packard, where I was responsible for technical issues for major worldwide clients and didn't like it much :|
That was the time to make a turn around and continue my education in Master degree of IT Project Management. The same year (2011) I start working at Studio X Web as Project Manager/Product Owner/COO, but it never felt like work a day in my life. I was blessed to have found a profession that I loved. My passion has since turned into an obsession, and I always strive for excellence, not just because I am a workaholic (not!) but because my work is my brand. In addition to my proficient management and skills, I also bring my well rounded experience, a determination to surpass expectations and the ability to (without doubt) love what I do. 
I think these qualities are truly the driving force that turn a job into a career and a career into a lifelong commitment.